About SigEp

This fraternity is different. We believe, with all our hearts, that a balanced life is the only life worth living.  That in doing so, we separate ourselves from our peers and dramatically increase our chances of being successful, being happy, and being fulfilled. The ideals instilled in us by Sigma Phi Epsilon urge us to lead better lives.  We see fraternity not as our last chance to be a boy, but rather our first step in becoming real men.

Sigma Phi Epsilon's mission is Building Balanced Men. Our membership encompasses men with a wide-spectrum of majors and career interests, as well as a high degree of campus involvement. Our Balanced Man program offers members an active life within the fraternity while enhancing and supporting personal goals.

Our Cardinal Principles are Virtue, Diligence, and Brotherly Love.  We expect all members to live up to these principles in their daily lives.  Simply put, we believe it is essential to do the right thing, to give everything your best effort, and to treat yourself and others with respect and love.

SigEp has adopted the ancient Greek philosophy of developing a Sound Mind, Sound Body as the way to live a full and balanced life. We provide a challenging and supportive community focused on creating a rich and fulfilling collegiate experience for our brothers.

Sigma Phi Epsilon is dedicated to enriching the precious time spent in college. Certainly, a part of living a balanced life is celebration and our chapter does its fair share of celebrating.  We have an active social calendar that includes functions with other sororities, parties with our members and their guests, and brother's only events such as retreats, camp-outs, and road trips.

On top of promoting an active social life for our brothers, we also encourage academics. SigEps value scholarship.  Our chapter GPA is consistently above the all-men's GPA. SigEp hosts the annual Balanced Man Scholarship, a $1000 scholarship for first-year students who live a balanced life. Last year, the national Sigma Phi Epsilon Education Foundation gave out over $900,000 in scholarships to brothers.

Since our inception at FIU, we have had members in several prominent student organizations on campus. SigEps are leaders on campus and in the community.  Our members serve as SGA executive board members, SGA senators, Peer Advisors, Orientation Leaders, Student Alumni Association representatives, Residence Assistants, and as leaders in various Honor Societies, professional fraternities, and other clubs on campus. We also spend countless hours doing hands-on community service with local elementary schools and community organizations as well as host events that raise money for various charities.

SigEps enter the work place well-equipped and well-prepared. Through our Balanced Man Program, our focus is to help our members grow and develop skills and experience while in college in order for them to be prepared to be successful when they leave college.  Future employers look for these skills, and recognize the high standards embodied in a SigEp. Furthermore, Sigma Phi Epsilon is the only fraternity which holds regional and national seminars to teach members these skills. The Carlson Leadership Academies, Ruck Leadership Institute, New Member Development Camps, and Grand Chapter Conclave not only allow brothers from chapters all across the nation to meet, but also allow them to learn valuable leadership and social skills.