Welcome, Parents!

We want what you want: your son to be a successful, happy, and fulfilled human being. A balanced man.

All parents want their son to have a great experience at college. Whether your son attends school across town or across the country, you can feel safe knowing that SigEp is his home away from home.

SigEp is proud to stand up against fraternity stereotypes and offer an experience that allows members to develop life skills that are not usually offered within the classroom.


Read our Parents Guide.

Talk to our Alumni & Volunteer Corporation President about forming a parents club. Email Mike Hernandez at mhernandez@ps-b.com.

SigEp has a zero-tolerance policy on hazing. Read it here.

Alcohol and drug abuse is a problem on some campuses. Read about SigEp's stance on alcohol and drug abuse.

SigEp's Balanced Man Program is a no-pledging continuous development program. Learn more about the Balanced Man Program.